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What does your child's State Test Scores Mean?

As this school year has started, I have heard from so many parents - both clients, non-clients, friends, neighbors - regarding their child's State Testing scores that they received over the Summer via mail.

These Standardized State Tests give you feedback regarding how your child is performing in the state standards set for academics. If your child is NOT reported as "met standard" or above...your need to start a serious dialogue with your teachers NOT NOT be placated by "oh...don't worry about those tests..he/she will be fine". Even though it feels like the beginning of the school year....this time period flies by....and many grades introduce new material and move at a fast this is no time to be waiting until either your first Parent/Teacher interview, or for your child's first report card. Make an appointment with your child's teacher...request work samples in all subject areas....ON PAPER, as well as digital results be brought along to this meeting. Ask questions regarding how your child is settling in to his/her new class...if he/she is keeping up....and if not...what is the PUBLIC SCHOOL'S plan for making sure that your child reaches all progress markers, in order to achieve at, or above state standards for this school year, across all areas...and INSIST that it starts immediately...and that you are notified of progress regularly. You also have the right, as your child's parent, to request an observation in your child's classroom - be specific in what you would like to observe.

The Elementary School Years, particularly the lower grades, are the widest, and most effective windows for learning, as well as for intervention in areas that your child may demonstrate some weakness. As children grow....this window gets more and more narrow...with the child's self esteem/attitude towards learning impacted along the way. ALL research supports early intervention.....and that this should be done by TRAINED professionals using appropriate and research based programs..THAT WORK FOR YOUR an organized and consistent fashion, with data regarding intervention and progress documented. Don't wait for things to 'work out'....your child's educational time is SO valuable....and it's your tax dollars at work! Assuming that your child has average-to-above average intelligence...they should be being educated in an appropriate that they can demonstrate proficiency across all academic areas each year....they have a right to this in the public school system....even if your child has average cognitive ability...and has some type of disability...they are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Education Provided by the State.

OK - that's it for this morning! Don't hesitate to email me with any questions/concerns. Look forward to my next blog regarding PLAY, AS THE FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS FOR LEARNING.

Have a great day all!

Loretta Shannon

Educational Advocate

ABC Educational Advocacy Serivces

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