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How Do I Know If an Educational Advocate Will Help My Child's Educational Progress?


If your child is experiencing difficulties in any of the following areas, you may benefit from the services of an Educational Advocate:


-  Limited Communication with School District IEP members regarding your child's intervention program and progress.

-  Inadequate educational supports and/or services for your child.

-  Inappropriate School Placement.

-  Social Difficulties at School.

-  Issues regarding Homework.

-  Child Dislikes School.

-  Poor Academic Performance/Performance Below Ability Level.


What is a 504 Plan or an IEP?


A 504 Plan documents accommodations/modifications for your child to have "equal accesss" to school-based services.  An IEP, or Individual Education Program, is a document based on the unique needs of a child with a disability, who is identified through the assessment and qualification process for Special Education.  The IEP includes a child's Present Levels of Performance, Goals, and Services, and is a document that outlines how your child will be educated.


What is the Role of an Educational Advocate in a 504 Plan or IEP Meeting?


An Educational Advocate can attend your child's IEP/504 Plan Meeting to facilitate a discussion around areas of concern regarding the educational plan for your child.  It is the role of the Educational Advocate to ensure that your child has an appopriate Educational Placement, with all of the necessary supports and services to access his/her educational program appropriately, and that your child is making the appopriate level of progress to achieve all educational goals.  The Educational Advocate's role is to maximize communication, and cooperation between all team members, and to educate and empower you, as parents, and the strongest advocates for your child.


Can I Afford an Educational Advocate and How Do I start?


Contact Loretta, at ABC Educational Advocacy Services, for a free 30 minute consultation.  Hourly Service Rates can be agreed to upon a sliding scale, for families who demonstrate financial need, and can be packaged to meet your specific financial situation.  Third party reimbursement through health insurance or state programs is not available for services from ABC Educational Advocacy Services.






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